Ciao Vessels…

Hello my friends. My name is Alrigo Gattoli. Those who know me well call me, Rigo.  I am the proprietor of Eros, a well known Covo in Anguillara Sabazia. I am of course not the first proprietor of Eros, as it is the oldest Covo in the world. Though not always in its current location it dates back to the first days of our arrival in Italy during the early fourteenth century. Then we were housed in a small tavern, a true hovel hence the name Covo di Iniquità. Suffice it to say, things then were a bit less…civilized then they are now. My Covo is home to only the most exclusivo clientele. Padrones, Seconds, all the most well-respected houses come to Eros. Even the new American Padrone and his Second spent time here while they were visiting the Great Council.

You are quite fortunate to have received an invitation to explore our world. Rarely are those from the outside allowed a glimpse into the mysteries of the Alimentatori. As a vessel, which at this point is all you are, you must mind all the rules. You will stand in the queue  with the others. You must await notice from an Aliment. Never approach an Aliment without permission. If one finds your…assets…pleasing, a meeting shall be arranged.  Do not worry if you are not chosen quickly. The Alimentatori have a predilection for something that you can provide. Eventually you shall find your home amongst the fold.  When you do, perhaps then you shall sit at the right hand of your Lord, as il Scelto, their chosen one.  If that day comes it will change your world in unexpected ways. Once you are chosen, your rank will elevate. Your children will be born as Devotees and never be subjected to the trials of being merely a Vessel. So, by all means, give yourself over to the experience and hope for the selection to come soon.

Ah, but until it does enjoy their hospitality and order something tasty. The party is just beginning.


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