The magic…

This morning I put a post up on my Facebook fan page that really speaks to how I feel today. When I finished writing it, I felt compelled to share it here as well.

“Sweet Aita I love the sound of the falling rain. The pitter-pattering of drops as they pelt the leaves outside, my windows covered in wet rivulets coursing along the glass like tiny rivers. Oddly comforting, it makes me want to hunker down with a cup of joe and write my heart out.  Jacen calls out to me today, more strongly than he has in a while. More of his tale is coming to light and in wonder I listen to what he has to say. I feel lucky to be the first one to experience his story. His incredible resilience, in the most dire circumstances astounds me. What a wonderful character he is. What a fascinating world he lives in. I hope I never get tired of bringing him to life!”

Have you ever experienced a world, a character, or a story that somehow went beyond the pages of the book/manuscript, grabbed you by the heart, enriching your life as if it were somehow alive? This is how I feel about Jacen and the world he lives in. It is funny to think that a few short years ago he was not in my life and that it took Nix to introduce me to him. What would my writing life have been if not for Jace? He is arrogant, brash, and selfish at times. Under it all he hurts deeply, loves fiercely and needs someone with whom he can connect. Jacen is all together real and like all of us is full of contradictions and complicated layers.

If you haven’t met him or experienced his world, think about doing so. There is a kind of magic there, lurking between the pages of Retribution, just waiting to be discovered.

So, come into our world.  Jacen awaits…


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