For the Love of Baked goods!

I know you’ve all been enjoying the recipes I’ve been posting, especially the Pumpkin Pie minis. I’m so glad! I’ve seen my blog go from very few hits to the over 300 hits in one day, thanks to the Pintresting of a recipe or two. It’s wonderfully gratifying to know that you all are enjoying them as much as I do.

I love to cook. Well, actually, I love to bake. This is especially true as the weather turns cooler and the leaves change to brilliant fall foliage. What is it about fall that just makes you want to throw ingredients into a pan and fill the house with the delicious scent of cinnamon, nutmeg, apple, pumpkin, etc?

Perhaps it is the past memories of my mother spending hours in the kitchen preparing for her annual Christmas open house. As a good Norwegian she would bake Krumkake, Rosettes, Sandbakkels, Søtsuppe (Sweet Soup, we always called it fruit soup). Then she would always add a modern twist with new favorites such as the year she made a mint fudge. I have such warm memories of these times (even if she did make me dress up in traditional Norwegian garb for the occasion). As the holiday season nears (and in celebration of the wonderful world I came from) I will be posting some of these traditional Scandinavian holiday recipes.

So, stick around, kick off your shoes and get comfortable. There is much fun ahead!



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