Cover Reveal – Taming Shadows

A year ago, author Fiona Skye released her novel Faerie Tales. Although she was proud of her accomplishment and completely satisfied with the tale she’d told, the title and cover art left something wanting. Not one to rest on her laurels, she took up the challenge to relaunch her novel under a new name and with brand spanking new cover art. She racked her brain for just the right title. Once she’d found it, she engaged the talented Rachel Bostwick to give her novel the cover it deserved.

Today, I have the privileged of sharing with you both the new title and the incredible cover art created for Fiona’s novel. And here it is:


Taming Shadows

Book One in the Revelations Trilogy


Fiona Skye


Four years ago, she changed the world.

To be fair, it wasn’t entirely her fault.


On sale now in print and ebook!

See the book trailer:

(This book was previously published under the title Faerie Tales.)


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