Finished Not Perfect

This was posted on my daughter’s cosplay site. I needed to see this, especially this weekend. Sometimes it’s hard to let go of a project. It’s hard to let the world see it when all you can see are the flaws that still remain. It’s important to remember that the average Joe doesn’t see the flaws, they only see the beauty in the work. But they can’t see the work unless you finish it.  And always remember, nothing is ever truly perfect.

So, finish it and let your baby, whether ugly or pristine, bask in the sunshine of the people around you.


A Writing Do Over

Helloooooo Wolff pack!!
Coming at you from Allentown, PA where I am having my own little writer’s retreat.
For those who are anxiously awaiting book two, I apologize. It has been way to long between books. My only excuse is issues medically that have impacted my ability focus and keep up with daily life. With some medicine adjustments and starting an exercise regimen, I am feeling better.
However, during the last couple of years, I have not remained idle. I have had my ups and downs physically. During my up times, I have written. I have a number of scenes just waiting to be organized and lined up within the confines of the story.
That, is in part what this weekend is about. It is the start of my writing life do over.
Today alone I have organized and put together the first 28 pages of writing. By the end of this weekend, who knows where I’ll be in the story. I anticipate also putting new words down, as I connect scenes already written and continue the story line further and further.
I appreciate your patience and understanding. I will conquer this book if it kills me.

Cover Reveal – Silver Shackles


Silver Shackles

Revelations Trilogy: Book Two

by Fiona Skye

silver shackles cover

Cover image by Rachel Bostwick

Available on Amazon and in print June 15, 2015!

When you steal from faerie queens, the consequences are painful and sometimes deadly.

Were-jaguar and TV personality, Riley O’Rourke, has been looking over her shoulder ever since she stole from the Dark Queen of the Unseelie faeries. When Riley is contacted by an informant with knowledge that can blow the lid off the story of the year, she can’t pass up the opportunity to investigate. What she finds instead is something that puts her at the mercy of the Dark Queen, a creature not known for her compassion.

When Riley’s boyfriend, David, realizes she’s missing, he’ll do whatever it takes to get her back, including starting a war with the Unseelie. The balance of power among the Fae courts is shifting, and if David makes one wrong move, Riley could end up crushed in the struggle. But after being the subject of the Queens’s legendary cruelty, will there even be anything left of Riley to save?

Get Taming Shadows, Revelations Trilogy: Book One on Amazon now!

fiona skye - author photoFiona Skye is a fantasy and historical romance author, currently living in the deserts of Southern Arizona. She shares a home with her husband, two kids, three cats, and a Border Collie.

Fiona’s passion for story telling began early in life. She loved playing make-believe and inventing elaborate fantasy worlds for her friends and her to play in. At age twelve, she wrote her first short story, based on a song by a 1980s hair band. After giving it to her English teacher for editing and rewrites, she learned to love the entire writing process, and has dedicated her life since then to writing, only to be occasionally distracted by her insatiable love of yarn and crochet, and the dogged pursuit of the perfect plate of cheese enchiladas.

She counts Diana Gabaldon and Jim Butcher as her favorite authors and biggest influences. Joining these two on the list of people she would wait in queue for a week to have a coffee with are Neil Peart, Kevin Hearne, and Brandon Sanderson.

Find her at the following links:

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9 Ways to Make Your Self-Published Book Look More Professional

Very good information for those going the self-publishing route.

Michelle Proulx - Author

In my continuing attempts to promote and improve the self-publishing scene, today I present a handful of helpful tips you can use to make your self-published print book look more professional. These tips have been compiled via examining multiple traditionally published books and comparing them to the collection of self-published books I’ve acquired over the years. Read and enjoy!

Note: I’ve used my own book for all the examples below, as copyright law is confusing and I don’t want anyone to sue me.

#1: Formatting your page numbers

Step 1: Page numbers should begin on the first page of your story. This means Chapter 1. If you have a prologue, use Roman numerals (i, ii, iii, iv, v, vi, etc.). Do not start page numbers on the very first page of the book (i.e. the title page).

page number 1Step 2: Page numbers should end once the story is over. You…

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Cover Reveal – Taming Shadows

A year ago, author Fiona Skye released her novel Faerie Tales. Although she was proud of her accomplishment and completely satisfied with the tale she’d told, the title and cover art left something wanting. Not one to rest on her laurels, she took up the challenge to relaunch her novel under a new name and with brand spanking new cover art. She racked her brain for just the right title. Once she’d found it, she engaged the talented Rachel Bostwick to give her novel the cover it deserved.

Today, I have the privileged of sharing with you both the new title and the incredible cover art created for Fiona’s novel. And here it is:


Taming Shadows

Book One in the Revelations Trilogy


Fiona Skye


Four years ago, she changed the world.

To be fair, it wasn’t entirely her fault.


On sale now in print and ebook!

See the book trailer:

(This book was previously published under the title Faerie Tales.)

Happy Thanksgiving!!

It is hard to believe that once again the holidays have begun. It is with the truest sincerity that I wish you and yours a Happy Thanksgiving. Enjoy the turkey, stuffing, mash potatoes and gravy. Have fun with family and friends. And always, always remember to be thankful for all the blessing the year has brought.

From my home to yours, HAPPY THANKSGIVING!