Animal Circus

Snuggles & Yuki

Hello Wolff Pack!

I thought I’d share a funny little tidbit today. The above picture is of one of our cats (Snuggles) and our littlest furbaby, Yuki. This is about Yukikins.

Today my morning started normally. I got my coffee and the blanket I put over my lap as my office is starting to get chilly. I sat down in my recliner to begin my usual morning ritual of checking facebook, twitter, blog stats and my book listing at amazon. I was soon joined by a menagerie of fur babies.  I had Spirit (cat), Worf (poodle), and Pooka (Chihuahua) all sleeping peacefully in my lap. Then, this comedy of errors transpires.

Yuki (Chihuahua in the picture above) decides he wants to join us. He jumps up on a box of papers near my feet. Big surprise, I have boxes of paperwork in my office…I am a writer after all. Anyway, he gauges the distance calculating how hard/high he must jump in order to clear my foot/leg which is blocking his view of his chosen landing strip. Then with a mighty leap he easily clears all obstacles  Unfortunately, he didn’t stick the landing. In fact, he lands with such force he bounces straight off the cushy surface of the footrest only to land on the ground in front of the chair. Then the little guy turns around, looks up at me with a look of dejection and whimpers. I could see his earnest little eyes and the accusation reflected in there depths. Why’d you shove me? He seemed to ask as I laughed heartily over his antics. As if I would of ever done such a thing…okay, yes I would, but that’s not the point.

Brushing off the first attempt and my continued chuckling, Yuki became even more determined to claim his lap real estate. He tried a different route, this time coming at the chair straight on, between my feet. He’s successful…kind of. He lands solidly this time, but just as Pooka’s butt hits the button to put the foot of the chair down. I’m still wondering if this might have been intentional. Poor little Yuki loses balance and falls yet again! Oh the outrage, as I burst out laughing even harder. In fact, I laughed so hard I had tears streaming down my cheeks. Deciding that he no longer desired a warm, cozy spot on my lap, Yuki turned and walked to the living room where he laid down…alone, humiliated and all together not happy.

A friend of mine called it an “animal circus”. I responded, “yes and it’s full of clowns!”