A Writing Do Over

Helloooooo Wolff pack!!
Coming at you from Allentown, PA where I am having my own little writer’s retreat.
For those who are anxiously awaiting book two, I apologize. It has been way to long between books. My only excuse is issues medically that have impacted my ability focus and keep up with daily life. With some medicine adjustments and starting an exercise regimen, I am feeling better.
However, during the last couple of years, I have not remained idle. I have had my ups and downs physically. During my up times, I have written. I have a number of scenes just waiting to be organized and lined up within the confines of the story.
That, is in part what this weekend is about. It is the start of my writing life do over.
Today alone I have organized and put together the first 28 pages of writing. By the end of this weekend, who knows where I’ll be in the story. I anticipate also putting new words down, as I connect scenes already written and continue the story line further and further.
I appreciate your patience and understanding. I will conquer this book if it kills me.

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