An Angelic Devotee.

Hardly angelic, though I’ve been known to take men to heaven…figuratively speaking of course.

The name’s Evangilique. I’m not really sure what you all want to know. Hmmm…I guess I can start by saying, I’m human. I know. One might think this makes me subservient to my “master”. Bullshit. I’m no one’s pet. I serve because I CHOOSE to, not by the behest of someone else.

Granted, I’m not exactly your typical Vessel. In fact, I have never actually been merely a Vessel. I was born a Devotee. My parents, grandparents, even aunts and uncles have served some of the most prestigious houses in the world. My mother…oh my gods! My mother is fanatical. She adores the Aliment children in her care, almost more than she loves me. Though, I have to admit, sometimes I wonder. She works as a nanny for a wealthy Aliment family. She home schools the two little Lords during the day and sees them fed, bathed and to bed in the evening. Her’s is the face they see last thing at night and first thing in the morning. It’s one of the most honorable jobs a human can be given. And Sophia Aiello takes her status as Alla Pari seriously. She had hoped I would go that route as well. I had intended to. Really, I had!

Thankfully, the gods had other plans for me. I guess, in actuality that makes me the black sheep of my lofty family. Don’t get me wrong. It’s not the position of il Scelto they disapprove of. There is no higher calling. It’s simply Jacen’s lack of status. You see, I was chosen by a nobody from a house with no standing. I may have been born to serve a Padrone but this wasn’t what they’d envisioned.

I don’t care. As far as I’m concerned, he rescued me from a dull, thankless life and gave me more than I’d ever thought I’d get. I may be il Scelto of Jacen of Samsaveel but he is my chosen one. He ignited a desire within me I’d never before experienced. In a few short breath-taking days, I went from being simply the dignified daughter of a well respected Alla Pari to embracing the life of a Devotee in all it’s wanton glory. Plans to be anything else disappeared when he whispered Angel for the very first time. But, oh my gods, does he make it worth it!

Oh and before you tell me how foolish it is to love one of their kind, I must caution you. You have no understanding of the power of the il Scelto bond. They claim you body, heart and soul. You become theirs in every way possible. And you will love them despite your own reasoning. Somewhere deep within, a small part of you might resist…knowing that what you feel can never be shared…but you will feel it just the same. I understand that what we have can never be more than what he chooses it to be. It doesn’t matter. Jacen loves me in his own way. And I love him with all of me, I am his and he is mine.

Nothing will ever change this.



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